We would like to introduce to you the amazing exclusive brand, Windle & Moodie Covent Garden to Geiko. Here they explain their philosophy behind the brand.

Windle & Moodie Products are an extension to our acclaimed, award-winning salon in covent garden, Metting the exceptional standards of our hairdressers, dedicated to our clients who have been loyal to us for decades, inspired by our editorial and fashion heritage, combing innovative hair treatments and performance-driven styling.

Shampoo & Conditioners
Windle & Moodie shampoos and conditioners are powered by the unique properties that tea have on hair. We use high quality teas, cultivated by a renowned tea specialist on their own plantations in ecologically clean and pure regions around the world. Our shampoos and conditioners are infused with rooibos tea from South Africa, green tea from Kenya and yearba mate from Chile . Known for their antioxidants, tea nurture, protect and promote shine, leaving hair more youthful and radiant.

Windle & Moodie styling is about exceptional performance and functionality, combined with unique ingredients that captured our imagination and have proven benefits on the hair. We chose products our stylists reach for in their day-to-day salon and editorial work. Besides achieving the desired results, our styling products moisturise, nourish, protect and strengthen the hair. Windle & Moodie styling has passed the rigorous test in our salon and through editorial work, and is designed to work effectively on fashion shoots, in salon and at home.

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